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2004 Shippers and transportation directory.(2004 Shippers and Transportation Directory)(Directory)

Alaska has one mile of road for every 42 square miles of land, whereas the U.S. average is one to one. Based on that fact, alone, one might conclude transportation isn't a major industry in the state, at least not trucking. But the trucking industry is alive and well, providing 2,600 jobs (a total that doesn't include self-employed truckers). Throw in the fact we top the charts for air cargo, and barge or truck most of our goods from the Lower 48 (or beyond), one can start to see just how important transportation is in the Great Land.

Nearly everything we consume, build or buy gets here because of our many fine transportation companies operating in the state. Without transportation, you would not have that cold beer on a Friday night, be able to fill your house with furniture, be able to visit Aunt Rose in the Lower 48, or barge that car up from Seattle. The transportation industry provides 19,000 jobs statewide with a total payroll of $852 million.

"Transportation is critical, in so far as its relationship with any kind of economic activity in the state," said Neal Fried, an economist with the Department of Labor. "Its role is so critical to every industry. Without it, most other activity couldn't occur."

We sent surveys out to about 150 transportation companies operating in the state. About 100 returned their surveys and comprise the 199 entries we have in the transportation directory (some are listed multiple times because they provide multiple modes of transport).

These companies provide marine, truck, air cargo, passenger cargo, rail and barge services.

They provide every type of service imaginable. They fly milk into rural communities, provide flight-seeing tours to tourists and transport oil out of state.

We owe a lot to these companies.

Please take a few moments to look through this handy reference tool and see just how diverse the industry is. Not every company that provides transportation services in Alaska is listed here. Only those who returned surveys are included. If you know of a company that should be listed and isn't, contact Stacie Hamill at 276-4373. Information can also be faxed to 279-2900, e-mailed to or mailed to P.O. Box 241288, Anchorage, AK 99524-1288.

Ace Delivery & Moving   Services: Air cargo        Service Areas: 
  Inc.                  and express package        Alaska, Hawaii and 
PO Box 221389           services, air courier      Lower 48. 
Anchorage, AK           services, arrangement 
99522-1389              of transportation of       AK Empls.: 9 
Phone: 522-6684         freight and cargo, 
                        freight transportation     Year Estab.: 1994 
Fax: 349-4011           services, local 
                        delivery services, 
                        local trucking  with 
                        storage and third 
                        party logistics and 
                        E-mail: alaskanace@ 
Alaska Air Forwarding   Services: Air Courier      Service Areas: 
P.0. Box 920141         Services.                    Worldwide. 
Dutch Harbor, 
AK 99692                Toll Free:                 AK Empls.: 10 
Phone: 581-1314                                    Year Estab.: 1969 
Fax: 248-9706 
Alaska Airlines Air     Services: Air cargo        Service Areas: 
  Cargo and             and express package        Alaska, Arizona, 
  Goldstreak Package    services.                  California, Mexico, 
  Express                                          Pacific Northwest, 
P.O. Box 68900 *        E-mail:                    Canada,  Boston, 
Seattle,  WA            keola.pang-ching@          Duties, Reagan, 
98168-0900                  Orlando and Miami. 
Phone: 206-392-5122          AK Empls: 1,100 
Fax: 206-392-5225       Toll Free: 
Alaska Cargo Service    Services: Air cargo        Service Areas: 
P.0. Box 251            and express package          Southwest Alaska. 
Dillingham, AK          services, air 
99576-0251              transportation             AK Empls.: 4 
Phone: 842-5491/        fuel available, local 
842-2400                delivery services and 
                        air courier services. 
Fax: 842-1540 
Alaska Central          Services: All cargo        Service Areas: 
  Express               transportation             Aniak, Bethel, Cold 
5901 Lockheed Dr.       provider offering          Bay, Dillingham, 
Anchorage, AK 99502     scheduled cargo            Dutch Harbor, 
                        service to 18              Juneau, King Salmon, 
Phone: 334-5100         locations from its         Kodiak,  Ketchikan, 
                        hub in Anchorage.          Petersburg, Point 
Fax: 245-0243                                      Heidsn, Sand Point 
                      and more. 
                        Toll Free:                 AK Empls.: 65 
                                                   Year Estab.: 1988 
                                                   Top Exec.: Mike 
                                                   Bergt, Gen. Mgr. 
American Fast Freight   Services: Air              Service Areas: 
  Inc.                  transportation             Alaska, Hawaii, 
5025 Van Buren St.      nonscheduled,              United States Virgin 
Anchorage, AK 99517     arrangement of             Islands, Guam and 
                        transportation of          Puerto Rico. 
Phone: 248-5548         freight and cargo, 
                        coastwise                  AK Empls.: 80 
Fax: 243-7353           transportation, deep 
                        sea domestic               Year Estab.: 1984 
                        transportation of 
                        freight, freight           Top Exec.: Mike 
                        transportation             Bergt, Gen. Mgr. 
                        services, heavy 
                        hauling trucking and       Year Estab.: 1984 
                        E-mail: jonesm@ 
                        Toll Free: 800-478-7699 
American Fast Freight   Services: Air              Service: Alaska, 
  Inc.                  transportation             Hawaii, USVI, Guam, 
3502 Lincoln Ave.       nonscheduled,              and Puerto Rico 
Tacoma, WA 98421        arrangement of 
                        transportation of          AK Empls.: 80 
Phone: 253-680-2500     freight and cargo, 
                        coastwise                  Year Estab.: 1984 
Fax: 253-680-2503       transportation, deep 
                        sea domestic 
                        transportation of          Top Exec.: Tim 
                        freight, freight            CEO 
                        services, heavy hauling 
                        trucking and more. 
                        E-mail: jacobsont@ 
                        Toll free: 800-642-6664 
American Fast Freight   Services: Air              Service Areas: 
  Inc.                  transportation               Alaska. 
3501 Lathrop St.,       nonscheduled, 
Suite L Fairbanks, AK   arrangement of             AK Empls.: 80 
99701                   transportation of 
                        freight and cargo,         Year Estab.: 1984 
Phone: 452-7129         coastwise 
                        transportation, deep       Top Exec.: Stan 
Fax: 451-7103           sea domestic               Moore, Terminal Mgr. 
                        transportation of 
                        freight, freight 
                        services, heavy hauling 
                        trucking, intercoastal 
                        transportation and 
                        E-mail: moores@ 
American Fast Freight 
 Inc.                   Services: Air 
47693 Michelle Ave.,    transportation           Service Areas: 
Unit 7 Soldotna, AK     nonscheduled,             Alaska. 
99669                   arrangement of 
                        transportation of        AK Empls.: 80 
Phone: 262-6646         freight and cargo, 
                        coastwise                Year Estab.: 1984 
Fax: 262-1925           transportation, deep 
                        sea domestic             Top Exec.: Matthew 
                        transportation of          Jones, Terminal Mgr. 
                        freight, freight 
                        services, heavy 
                        hauling trucking, 
                        transportation and 
                        E-mail: jonesm@ 
Arctic Circle Air       Services: Cargo            Service Areas: 
P.O. Box 60049          airline.                   Alaska and Western 
Fairbanks, AK 99709                                Canada. 
Phone: 474-0112                                    AK Empls.: 70 
Fax: 474-0116                                      Year Estab.: 1973 
                                                   Top Exec.: Ervin 
                                                   Terry, Pres./Gen. 
Arctic Couriers Inc.    Services: Courier and      Service Areas: North 
P.O. Box 71668          freight delivery.          Pole, Port 
Fairbanks, AK 99707     E-mail: arcticcouriers@    Wainwright, 
                           Fairbanks, Eilsen 
Phone: 457-3595                                    Air Force Base and 
Fax: 457-3275 
                                                   AK Empls.: 10 
                                                   Year Estab.: 1980 
                                                   Top Exec.: Dan K. 
Arctic Transportation   Services: Air cargo and    Service Areas: 
  Services              ground handling.           Western Alaska, 70 
5701 Silverado Way,                                villages served out 
Unit L Anchorage, AK    E-mail: ats(c)      of seven hubs. 
                            AK Empls.: 60 
Phone: 562-2227 
                                                   Year Estab.: 1958 
Fax: 563-8177 
                                                   Top Exec.: Wilfred 
                                                     Ryan, Pres. 
Bering Air Inc.         Services: Air              Service Areas: 
P.O. Box 1650           transportation services    Alaska, Russia, 
Nome. AK 99762          for scheduled and          Canada and the 
                        nonscheduled passenger     Lower 48. 
Phone: 443-5464         and cargo. Freight 
                        service daily to           AK Empls.:95 
Fax: 443-5919           scheduled destinations. 
                        Heavy and oversized        Year Estab.: 1979 
                        cargo charters to all 
                        destinations. Air          Top Exec.: James 
                        ambulance services, and      Rowe, Pres. 
                        helicopter charter and 
                        rental services. 
                        E-mail: info@ 
Billikin Transfer       Services: Arrangement      Service Areas: Local 
P.O. Box 1067           of trans. of freight       and worldwide 
Petersburg, AK          and cargo.                 agents. 
                        E-mail: absea@             AK Empls.: 1 
Phone: 772-3123 
Fax: 772-9373 
Carlile                 Services: Arrangement      Service Areas: 
  Transportation        of transportation of       Alaska, Canada and 
  Systems               freight and cargo, air     the Lower 48 
1800 E. First Ave.      transportation non- 
Anchorage, AK           scheduled and              AK Empls.: 443 
99501-1833              scheduled, freight 
                        transportation             Year Estab.: 1980 
Phone: 276-7797         services, heavy hauling 
                        trucking, local            Top Exec.: Harry 
Fax: 278-7301           delivery services and        McDonald, Pres. 
                        oil field hauling. 
                        E-mail: mquinn@ 
                        Toll Free: 800-478-1853 
DHL Danzas Air &        Services: Worldwide        Service Areas: 
  Ocean                 freight transportation       Worldwide. 
4041 W. Int'l Airport   services with local 
Rd. Anchorage, AK       delivery. Specializing     AK Empls.: 73 
99502                   in; air cargo, 
                        trucking, express          Year Estab.: 1970 
Phone: 243-4301         package services, and 
                        warehousing and            Top Exec.: John 
Fax: 243-5905           storage. Logistics,          Witte, Regional 
                        project and express          V.P. 
                        solutions. Supply chain 
                        and air, road and rail 
                        Toll Free: 866-551-9123 
Era Aviation Inc.       Air transportation         Service Areas: 
6160 Carl Brady Dr.     scheduled and                Nationwide. 
Anchorage, AK 99502     nonscheduled, and 
                        helicopter charter and     AK Empls.: 560 
Phone: 248-4422         rental services. 
                                                   Year Estab.: 1948 
Fax: 266-8383           E-mail: info@ 
                          Top Exec.: Charles 
                                                     W. Johnson Pres. 
                        Toll Free: 800-478-1947 
Evergreen Helicopters   Services: Helicopter       Service Areas: 
of  Alaska Inc.         and fixed-wing King Air      Statewide and 
1936 Merrill Field      B200C charters, air          Central America. 
Dr. Anchorage, AK       ambulance services, 
99501-4113              air cargo and express      AK Empls.: 120 
                        package service, 
Phone: 257-1504         helicopter remote site     Top Exec.: Gerard H. 
                        support, and Honeywell,      Rock 
Fax: 279-6816           Collins and Gormin 
                        avionics sales and 
                        service for fixed-wing 
                        and helicopters. 
                        E-mail: g.thies@ 
                        Toll Free: 800-958-2454 
Everts Air Cargo        Services: Air cargo and    Service Areas: 
6111 Lockheed Ave.      express package              Statewide. 
Anchorage, AK 99502     services. Serving 14 
                        scheduled hubs and *       AK Empls.: 280 
Phone: 243-0009         offering charter and 
                        flagstop service.          Year Estab.: 1995 
Fax: 243-7333 
                        E-mail: sales@             Top Exec.: Rob 
                              Everts, CEO 
                        Toll Free: 866-242-0009 
Express Delivery        Services: Air courier      Service Areas: 
  Service Inc.          services, local            Anchorage Bowl, Mat- 
701 W. 41st Ave.        delivery services and      Su Valley, Kenai 
Unit D Anchorage, AK    special warehousing and    Peninsula and all of 
99503-6604              storage.                   Alaska by air. 
Phone: 562-7333         E-mail: expressdelivery@ 
Fax: 561-7281 
FedEx Express           Services: Air cargo and    Service Areas: 
6050 Rockwell Ave.      express package              Worldwide. 
Anchorage, AK 99502     services. 
                                                   AK Empls.: 1,225 
Phone: 249-3173 
                                                   Year Estab.: 1988 
Frontier Flying         Services: Scheduled        Service Areas: 
  Service Inc.          passenger service          Anchorage, 
5245 Airport            between villages and       Dillingham, Bethel, 
Industrial Rd.          cities throughout          St. Marys, Aniak, 
Fairbanks, AK           Alaska. Exclusive          Galena, Nome, 
99701-4468              charter service            Kotzebue, Barrow, 
                        available in and           Deadhorse and more. 
Phone: 852-6988         out of state. 
                        E-mail: info@              AK Emlps.: 180 
                        Toll Free: 800-478-6779    Top Exec.: Robert 
Hageland Aviation       Services: Air cargo and    Service Areas: All 
  Services              express package            except Interior 
4700 W. Int'l Airport   services, air              Southeast . 
Rd. Anchorage, AK       transportation 
99502                   scheduled, charter and     Ak Empls.: 180 
Phone: 245-0119                                    Year Estab.: 1980 
                        E-mail: boba@ 
Fax: 245-0126                Top Exec.: James 
                        Toll Free: 866-239-0119 
Homer Expediters        Services: Air cargo and    Service Areas: Homer 
1104 Ocean Dr.          express package            to Anchor Point. 
Homer, AK 99603         services, local delivery 
                        services and freight       AK Empls.: 1 
Phone: 235-5244         transportation services. 
                                                   Year Estab.: 1986 
Fax: 235-5244 
Island Air Service      Services: Courtesy van     Service Areas: 
P.O. Box 125            and e-mail reservations.   Kodiak Island 
Kodiak, AK 99615                                   scheduled passenger 
Phone: 486-6196         E-mail: islandair@         Alaska Peninsula and 
                               mainland charters. 
FaX: 486-5529 
                  AK Empls.: 32 
                        Toll Free: 800-478-6196    Year Estab.: 1978 
                                                   Top Exec.: Robert 
                                                     Stanford, Pres. … 

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