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Minding retail: GlobalShop seminars encourage retailers to innovate.(show coverage)

DDI staff

The GlobalShop 2006 conference sessions, sponsored by Dayton, Ohio-based Design Forum, on March 26-28 in Orlando, Fla., gave attendees plenty to take home with them, including how to appeal to baby boomers, how to identify trends, as well as insight on the growing retail dynasty in Asia. All of the sessions encouraged retailers and designers to look toward the future of retail--and innovate.

Daniel Pink--A whole new mind

In a clever presentation infused with humor, author Daniel Pink told GlobalShop attendees that left-brain capabilities, such as the ability to crunch numbers and other logical, linear abilities, are giving way to right-brain capabilities, such as design and synthesis, as the keys to present-day and future success. "This is very good news to most of you in the audience," Pink told the audience of retail designers and other creative professionals.

As an example of this seminal change, Pink brought a Phillip Starck-designed flyswatter to the session. "How much time does this flyswatter spend in utility (swatting flies), and how much time does it spend in significance?" Pink asked, letting the audience note that most of the time a flyswatter just sits in a drawer, not in use. Pink then pointed out that the Starck flyswatter featured a pedestal, making it a display item, and the image of a face embedded in its head, adding aesthetic appeal.

Pink also used a slideshow to summarize what he feels are the six abilities that now matter most. The abilities, listed with their logical, linear counterparts, are 1) not just function, but also design; 2) not just argument, but also story; 3) not just focus, but also symphony; 4) not just logic, but also empathy; 5) not just seriousness, but also play; and 6) not just accumulation, but also meaning. …

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