Two Young Men Grow Up.(The Wall Street Journal's marketing )


After 29 years and an estimated $2 billion in sales, The Wall Street Journal's "two young men" mailing piece has been brought into the 21st century.

In head-to-head tests with the Journal's full-year, full-price control letter, a package designed by Malcolm Decker Associates trumped the current version of the control by more than 20% in some tests.

The Journal is also testing other packages, including shorter-term offers, which Decker did not design. "But the Holy Grail is the Martin Conroy letter," said Malcolm Decker, CEO of Malcolm Decker Associates. "That's the package we beat going head-to-head - same offer, same price."

That would be the two-page letter written in 1974 by Conroy, which has served as the Journal's control since it was introduced. …

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