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Byline: Artist's View JO BASISTE For the Journal

Artist Brian Bari Long presents the turning of aspen leaves with innocent simplicity

Is ego an important component of art? Often, the public likes to see the artist's aggressive personality showing through his works: witness Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Picasso. We in Santa Fe have our share of competitive, even pushy artists, all vying for attention.

Conversely, imagine an artist with a minimum of ego. This artist might be meditative, withdrawing like a monk. He or she might care more for nature than culture. Furthermore, our artist might be like Dostoyevsky's Prince Mishkin, never saying anything bad and possibly not even registering the negative elements in human behavior.

Such an artist is Brian Bari Long, whose exhibition, "Five Octobers," is at the Eldridge McCarthy Gallery in Sena Plaza. The room containing Long's dozen-odd paintings is like a meditation retreat. …

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