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Coaches Get a Taste For Offense.(Sports)

Byline: TIM MENICUTCH Mountain View Sports

Imagine a pizza without cheese. Bland, boring and downright drab. For a pizza to pass a taste test, it should have plenty of melting mozzarella, some cheddar and jack sprinkled in and even a bit of Parmesan and Romano. In other words, when it comes to cheese on a piping hot pizza, too much is never enough.

And keep those artificial cheese products off the pizza. Only real cheese, please.

Now imagine a football team without an offensive line. Bland, boring and downright drab.

For an offensive line to generate excitement, it should be big or quick or better yet, big and quick. A line needs to meld together, much like the flavors of cheese on a pizza, for the overall product to be acceptable. …

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