Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Common cosmetic procedures.

Byline: Susan Stiger * Illustration by Russ Ball

Purpose, risks,recovery and cost

All cosmetic procedures carry a risk of infection or reaction to anesthesia. Also expect bruising, swelling and maybe bleeding or numbness. And remember, all surgeries leave scars; laser resurfacing should not. Risks pertaining to individual surgeries are listed below.

The costs many doctors quote are for the procedure only, excluding, for example, fees for anesthesia and follow-up appointments. Since Albuquerque surgeons' prices are competitive, we used numbers provided by Lovelace cosmetic surgeon Jeff Morehouse. His numbers cover procedure, hospital costs and follow-up appointments. But be aware that not all surgeries are alike, so costs can vary.


Purpose: Contours by removing deposits of excess fat from specific areas of the face, neck or body. …

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