Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Lovelace unique in Cigna.

Byline: Winthrop Quigley Journal Staff Writer

Cigna Corp., with customary conservatism, purchased a company called Equicore in 1990 for its health insurance business. It found itself the owner of a health care delivery system in Albuquerque which is today called Lovelace Health Systems.

It is the only integrated delivery system hospital, physician group, clinics and insurance company in the Cigna system.

Like many marriages, the early years were a little bumpy as Cigna tried to understand Lovelace's physician-centered culture and Lovelace learned to deal with Cigna's need for financial discipline, said Lovelace CEO Martin Hickey.

"What I find impressive about Cigna is they understand no matter how you cut it, the doctors have to be your partners, not your enemy, and that's been reflected in the relationship we've had in the last three years," Hickey said. …

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