Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Bush Wins With Route 66 Grade-Schoolers.(Schools)

Byline: Rory McClannahan Journal Staff Report

At least one election held this week wasn't even close.

Students at Route 66 Elementary School west of Edgewood overwhelmingly supported George W. Bush for president in a mock election held Monday.

Of course, the students' votes didn't count in the real election, but it gave them a taste of American democracy.

In the poll of 201 students in grades four, five and six, Bush came out on top with 139 votes. Al Gore garnered 55 votes and seven students voted for Ralph Nader.

"Bush gets our one electoral vote," joked Wayne Marshall, the school's principal.

Marshall said the mock election was a way to get students thinking about elections. …

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