Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Layoffs Hit LANL Employees Hard, Survey Says.(New Mexico)

Byline: Jennifer McKee Journal Northern Bureau

Workers Affected More Than at Other Sites

SANTA FE Workers at Los Alamos National Laboratory seemed to suffer emotionally more from mass layoffs than their counterparts at other weapons labs, according to a recent Boston University survey.

Investigators at Boston University's School of Public Health surveyed approximately 6,000 employees at five nuclear weapons labs. According to the report, released in August, Los Alamos faced relatively few layoffs during the 1990s but responded to them with unusual fervor.

The layoff of 173 employees in 1995 at Los Alamos ignited a class-action suit. In addition, the report said, Los Alamos employees who did not lose their jobs were more likely to feel guilty about it, a phenomenon known as "survivors' syndrome. …

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