Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Some legal notes from a lawyer's desk.

Byline: Business and Law MARTIN PASKIND For the Journal

My desk and the floor of my small study contain various heaps and piles of paper, much like ordinary in-baskets. These piles are where I dump column ideas, carefully organizing them so that once piled, nothing will ever emerge.

My desk and the adjacent floor space are the devil's triangle of column ideas.

To get control even if only a little bit of these piles of notes and to use some items so they can be tossed, here are a few items from these heaps and piles.

In October, the Internal Revenue Service made life easier for those who exchange property under Sec. 1031 of the tax code. In a typical exchange, a broker sets up a three-way deal allowing you to get rid of one piece of property.

Then you acquire another piece. …

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