Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

All this time.

Byline: STRATEGIES By Miriam Sagan * Illustration by Dan Florentino

Reclaim your sense of leisure. Maybe even squander a few hours.

Everyone I know complains about not having enough time. My sister likes to fantasize about what she would do if she had another two hours a day exercise more, read, garden. "What would you do?" she asks. "I have all the time I need," I say.

Oddly, this isn't really a sociably acceptable answer among my friends and family, a group of hard-working women, many of whom are moms. Time stress is a reality of our lives, but it is also something we boast about or at least enjoy complaining about!

On the other hand, I never try to save time; I enjoy squandering it. …

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