Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Enjoy It When Roomies Take Vacation.

Byline: Getting a Life SARAH HUBBARD Of the Journal

At some point in time, they're gonna leave. Your roommates, I mean. They're gonna scatter, scurry, scoot out of town leaving you (and only you) in charge of the house.

It might be a day that you're counting down. It might be a day that you have circled in red on your calendar. It might be a day that you dread. Keeping the house together while the roommates are away can be super easy or super difficult, depending.

Depending on what?

Are your roommates leaving you with the 150-pound wonder dog? Are they leaving behind delicate, prize-winning flowers? Are your roommates the only souls in the universe that know how the heater works? …

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