Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Fallen Leaves Look Perfect Right Where They Are.

Byline: A Garden Journal DONNA REDMAN For the Journal

A few days ago, the tree in my neighbor's front yard was cloaked in wine-colored leaves. Today only a few of those leaves are left, fluttering in the wind. The rest are in our yard, piled against the bases of the Russian sage and iris, the small oak trees and the penstemon.

That's a good place for them to stay. The sound of leaf-blowers is all over the neighborhood, but I like those leaves just where they are. They might look a little messy, but they are free mulch for the yard. By spring, most of them will have broken down into needed organic matter for the soil.

I read somewhere that fall is the ideal time to select deciduous trees, because you can see them in their fall colors. It seems that most trees around here don shades of yellow and gold this time of year. The bosque fairly glows right now with all those golden-colored cottonwoods, one last flamboyant fling before the leaves drop and the trees face the winter with bleak, bare branches. …

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