Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Humanity on the Move.

Byline: Karen Peterson Of the Journal


Photographer Hopes to Foster Debate About Distribution of Resources

Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado spent the last seven years traveling through 40 countries to photograph "humanity on the move." His subjects: the world's refugees and migrants, victims of repression and war, and also of poverty.

"The experience changed me profoundly," Salgado wrote in the preface to his book "Migrations," published earlier this year. "What I learned about human nature and the world we live in made me deeply apprehensive about the future."

In Santa Fe this week, Salgado explained that once he trusted his political beliefs and man's capacity for adaptation and change to provide the solutions for the world's problems. His best-known previous project had been "Workers," a photo series documenting conditions in some of the world's basic industries: steel and oil, fishing and tea production, car and bicycle manufacturing.

Published in book form in 1994, "Workers" paid homage to the dignity and creativity of working people the world over. …

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