Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

When Chips Were Just A Snack.

Byline: Aaron Baca Journal Staff Writer

* Microsoft celebrating 25 years of computer progress, with humble roots in Albuquerque

It's kind of like mythology with a geeky twist. The people on Microsoft's campus headquarters outside Seattle still like dragging out the old stories about the company's ragged and humble beginnings here in Albuquerque. Especially this year Microsoft's 25th anniversary, an event the company plans to celebrate all year.

Albuquerque will forever be part of computer lore because of the city's obscure claim to digital fame as the site of the personal computer's genesis.

And because the first PC was built here, it follows that everything prefixed with the letters "MS" (as in MS Word, MS Office, et al.) and all that is Windows the kind with a registered trademark started here. …

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