Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Getting Tough On Crime.(Metro & New Mexico)

Byline: JIM BELSHAW Of the Journal

I'm thinking that if a cop hands me a ticket, I might not procrastinate in taking care of it, a generalized procrastination being my usual m.o. (Personally, I think procrastination is a victimless crime, but that's an IRS topic for another day.)

"Bench warrant" carries more weight with me now. So does "lost in the mail," which suddenly competes with "bail money" in my list of important inter-related word families.

The poster child for this new outlook is a woman in a Bernalillo County Detention Center holding cell. She is crammed in with a dozen other people, tears streaming down her face and time on her hands to reflect on her "crime" she didn't pay attention to the court summons concerning rabies shots for her dog. …

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