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Year has been good to apples.(Food)

Byline: Esther Kovari and Deborah Madison For the Journal

This Week at the Farmer's Markets

It is getting to be the time of year to wonder when the first frost will be.

Many of the peak season crops that we have been enjoying tomatoes, peppers, basil, zucchini, eggplants will be severely withered by frost, even if a long Indian summer follows the dip in temperature. If the frost is just a mild one, they might linger on but won't be as productive or as delicious. If the frost is severe, the plants will die.

On the other hand, many crops go right on producing and some actually benefit by a drop in temperature. Broccoli, some apples, chicories like radicchio and other greens are usually sweeter after a frost. Winter squash, beets, salad greens, carrots and onions still will be available long after the first freeze.

This has been a great year for fruit in general and is proving to be an exceptional apple year too. Some growers have as many as a dozen varieties. And like other fruits, they come into season at different times, starting with the transparents in June, Macintosh in July and ending with the Winesaps and Red Delicious in late fall.

Right now, some of the special apples that can be found are Jonathans, Jonareds, big heirloom Wolf Rivers, Golden Delicious varieties such as Maiden Blush, Galas, Fujis, Granny Smiths, old- fashioned Red Delicious, Arkansas blacks (great for juice and sauce) and Rome Beauties. …

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