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Business travelers need right Mexican visa.

Byline: Business Across the Border JERRY PACHECO For the Journal

Second of three parts

In my last column, I discussed the process of obtaining and using a tourist visa to enter Mexico.

Business people wishing to explore opportunities must also be aware of the appropriate visas required to do business in Mexico. Failure to procure and correctly use the right visa can create problems with the Mexican government.

Today, I will describe the two business visas available to Americans who seek to conduct business in Mexico, the FMN and the FM-3.

Researching your market potential in Mexico involves using as many free sources as possible to learn demographics, trends and market indicators. It's also a good idea to visit Mexico to personally explore the market.

The FMN visa is often called the "NAFTA visa," because it was created by the Mexican government under the North American Free Trade Agreement. It allows foreigners to enter Mexico to conduct "non-lucrative" business activities for a period of up to 30 days. …

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