Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Autumn leaves enrich soil.(Homestyle)

Byline: Yard and Garden LYNN ELLEN DOXON For the Journal

Q: I have saved several bags of leaves that fell this fall. What is the best way to use them on the soil? Anna Victoria Reich, Albuquerque

A. Leaves are an excellent source of the organic material that is so necessary in our soil.

Dried leaves do not provide appreciable amounts of nitrogen or any other essential nutrient, although over time they can enrich the soil. The best way to use them is to incorporate them into the soil before you plant.

If you till or dig them in as soon as possible, they will be well decomposed by spring. You can also use them as a mulch, although they tend to pack and form a watertight barrier if used alone. …

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