Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Art on Wheels.

Byline: Natasha Nargis For the Journal

Art cars reflect the lives and whims of their owners

For most of us, the automobile is anonymous transportation a massed-produced metal box. And then there is the art car transportation, too, but not so anonymous. Like the lowrider, the art car is the factory item customized. It reflects personality and cultural values. Where lowriders rely on hydraulics, chrome and elaborate paint jobs for effect, art cars are covered with objects reflecting the lives or the whims of their owners.

Santa Fe artist Kathamann took her Karmann Ghia to a restorer, who told her the rusted body was past saving.

"It was open season after that," said Kathamann, who opted to cover the exterior of the car with "a durable material" hundreds of seashells, starting with some from her own collection and including others from friends or places she has visited. …

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