Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Columnist imparts relationship wisdom.(Personalities)

Byline: Polly Summar Journal Staff Writer

* Carolyn Hax will address the problems of the under-30 crowd in the Personalities section

You might say she's Dear Abby with an edge. She's Carolyn Hax, the wit and wisdom behind the Journal's newest column, "Tell Me About It: Advice for the Under-30 Crowd."

Even if you're quite a bit over 30, you'll find Hax funny enough for a chuckle and wise enough to unlock some of your own personal logjams.

Every Friday in the Personalities section, Hax will be on hand to help readers deal with family, friends and lovers. On Mondays and Friday, she hosts chat rooms where Journal readers can interact with her.

Stable perspective

In case you're wondering what qualifies Hax, a 34-year-old former news editor at the Washington Post, to give out advice, here is her answer: "When you grow up as the too-little-to-do anything youngest kid in a big family, you spend year after year just watching. …

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