Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

DWI Arrest Makes Evening Unpleasant.

Byline: Jeff Jones

Albuquerque police say there's just no good reason to get into a car and drive home drunk on New Year's Eve or any night.

For starters, it could result in a trip to jail and expensive legal and towing bills. Suspected drunken drivers are locked in the APD's paddy wagon where they wait to be hauled to jail and some people in the van don't hold their liquor well.

When they get to jail, they can relieve themselves at a single toilet in a holding cell often shared with a dozen or more other suspects.

And here's another little-known fact: Suspects with any piercings be it in the ear, tongue, nose or elsewhere are required to take the body art out once they're at jail even if it's not supposed to come out. …

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