Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Lame Ducks Leaving Mark.(Opinion)


Santa Fe's lame-duck board of county commissioners exhibited some pretty tacky behavior last week, approving a series of parliamentary changes that wiser and more politic public officials would have postponed until the new commission takes over Jan. 1.

First, the commissioners elected a new chairman. Then, they voted to abolish the longstanding, eight-month term limit on the chairmanship. Then they jettisoned another longstanding rule that barred the chairman from voting except in case of a tie.

In masterful doublespeak, Commissioner Javier Gonzales explained that under the old rules, the chairman "loses out." With the new rules, Gonzales explained, "he'll be able to vote on every issue and represent the views of his constituents on every vote. …

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