Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Bed-wetter needs to know he's not alone.(Health)

Byline: Your Child's Health DR. LANCE CHILTON For the Journal

Q. : My 6-year-old can not stay dry at night. We have tried pull-ups, but he just wets in them and sleeps deeply. We have tried waking him up multiple times at night with minimal success. Any suggestions to get him out of diapers? We have one of those alarms and have tried it, but he is not very motivated.

A: You have lots of company in having a child with the problem of bed-wetting, or enuresis. You probably know this, but your child may not. He probably thinks he's the only one in the world with such a shameful secret. It is covert; he doesn't know that in his school, 19 of the other 100 first-graders have the same secret. …

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