Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

FOR THE BIRDS.(Outdoors & Recreation)

National Wildlife Refuges in New Mexico have reported the latest counts of migrating species:

BOSQUE DEL APACHE: Light geese, 17,200; Canada geese, 280; sandhill cranes, 9,800; whooping cranes, 1; sandhill-whooping crane hybrids, none; ducks, 37,000; bald eagles, 45.

MIDDLE RIO GRANDE VALLEY, including Bosque del Apache: Light geese, 45,400; sandhill cranes, 22,200; whooping cranes, 2; sandhill-whooping crane hybrids, none (the hybrid that has been reported in the past few weeks has now been identified as a "partial albino sandhill crane"). …

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