Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Don't sacrifice your safety to keep costs down.(Outdoors & Recreation)

Byline: Stories by Rosalie Rayburn For the Journal *Photographs by Dev Mukh Khalsa Of the Journal

Skiing has always had the cachet of being an expensive sport, but there are ways to maximize the thrill without experiencing too much pain in the wallet.

Ski swaps and garage sales have been the usual route of the bargain-hungry, but these may not offer the best value. Too often, second-hand equipment means a compromise in comfort and, more importantly, safety.

Whether you're snowboarding or skiing, properly fitted boots are vital to both foot comfort and injury prevention. Thatcher Dorn, ski technician at Cottam's Ski Rentals, says snowboarding boots should fit very snugly but not cause pressure points. …

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