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thinking BIG.(Books)

Byline: DAVID STEINBERG Of the Journal

Rich illustrations and elevated text make coffee-table books worth their price tags

The size of a book is often a factor in its price, especially the large-dimension ones. I'm sure you've seen the ones I mean. They're the size of a small TV screen. Their price is higher than the standard 9 1/2 inch-by-6 1/2 inch book because they are usually made with heavier paper, sturdier binding, well-planned format, splashy cover design and, if you're lucky, with the power of a transcending story in art and text between the covers.

Some publishers have fatter budgets that allow authors, photographers, editors and art directors of these larger dimension books to do more. They can present images and information that fill your eyes with astonishment, your head with grand ideas and your heart with drama.

Hence the higher price tag for these so-called coffee-table books.

But when you consider what you get for your buck, the cost may not be a deterrent to purchase.

Indeed, the pain of the expense can be magically waved aside into the pleasure of ownership. …

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