Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

$8-Million Hillary Set To Cash In Big.(Editorial Page)


Hillary Clinton came through eight years of national spotlight with an aura of hard-edged competence. Sure, there was criticism when it was disclosed that she had made a quick profit of $100,000 in a commodities transaction back when she was first lady of Arkansas. And, the ghostly reappearance of her Rose Law Firm billing records in the White House, long after they had been subpoenaed by the special prosecutor, raised the buzz level.

But Hillary managed by and large to remain above it. She was the rock of stability in a marriage linked to a talented and charismatic man with a weakness for sexual adventure. She suffered in silence through the fallout of her man's weakness, trying mightily to shield their daughter from the ugly side of life in the public eye. …

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