Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Educate To Mitigate Off-Road Profligates.(Editorial Page)


With officer-to-land responsibility ratios as expansive as that of the BLM's Las Cruces/Socorro region where only one officer oversees 7 million acres of public land enforcement appears the least-likely answer to the question of how to manage the ever more damaging aspects of off-road vehicle use.

What's clearly needed is extensive education about 4-wheeling where and how the sport can be enjoyed to minimize its destructive side. As Journal writer Tania Soussan reports, most off-roaders stay on legal trails, and organized clubs are trying to spread the word about responsible off-roading. New Mexico 4-Wheelers, a family-oriented club, has a director of environmental affairs; the Southwest Four Wheel Drive Association is posting signs warning off-roaders to stop creating illegal trails. …

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