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Painter balances tendencies to realism, abstraction.(Arts & Culture)

Byline: Wesley Pulkka For the Journal

* In latest exhibition, artist seems to be returning to figurative roots

Painter and sculptor Kevin Zuckerman has conquered another medium in his "Pastels" feature artist show at the Dartmouth Street Gallery. But the exhibition blending realism and abstraction raises some interesting questions for the artist.

Zuckerman began his career as a very facile realist who could paint the human figure as well as any of the classical European academic artists of the 19th century. It came to him naturally and, in his view, too easily.

To overcome his own talent for imitating reality, Zuckerman embarked on a sometimes halting voyage into abstraction. The only real danger in his undertaking was his unfailing ability to create illusionistic space.

In his wildest moments, implications of real space were always present in his work. His sense of pictorial space and placement was so powerful that I once advised him to build physical abstract environments that viewers could walk through.

His unique sense of color and floating forms could create an other-worldly experience for his audience. A mildly psychedelic theater of the absurd could be performed within a Zuckerman installation without actors.

But that vision is a few years old now. His new pastels seem to be returning to his figurative roots. …

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