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Byline: About Art TOM COLLINS For the Journal

Inappropriately named Harwood exhibition lacks examples of parallels or modernism

Judging by the works on view, the title of the current exhibition at the Harwood Museum of Art in Taos, "Parallel Lives: Andrew Dasburg, Kenneth Adams, Ward Lockwood," and the afterthought, "and the Modern Tradition," is a bit of false advertising.

We must dismiss the afterthought first since Dasburg is the only one of the three who can be said to have belonged, and almost from the beginning at that, to any modern tradition, capitalized or not. Indeed, Dasburg exhibited in the seminal 1914 Armory Show in New York which famously brought European modernism to America with aesthetic effects not unlike the Beatles' on American popular music and culture when they first arrived in America in February 1964.

But saying that Adams, who actually studied with Dasburg in the early 1920s at the Woodstock School, or Lockwood, in spite of the three shockingly bad, palette knife abstract paintings given central placement along one wall of the gallery, had any part in that "tradition" is like asking us to believe that the Beatles were in the tradition, of say, Lawrence Welk. …

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