Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Don't Call Sites 'Kivas,' Lab Told.(New Mexico)

Byline: Jennifer McKee Journal Northern Bureau

Pueblos Say Hopi Word Refers to Sacred Places

Harley Brewer's people revere kivas as sacred sites, the places where mysteries happen.

John Browne's people use them as safe places to spark nuclear reactions.

Brewer thinks that is wrong. He is a member of the San Ildefonso Pueblo; Browne the director of Los Alamos National Lab.

Their differences lie in the use of the Hopi word "kiva." Traditionally, kivas are rounded, partially underground ritual sites used widely in ancient Southwest Indian cultures. Modern pueblo people still use them as sites of special worship, and according to Brewer, they are considered as sacred as a church. …

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