Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Intel Corp. unveils a thriftier water-reclamation plan.

Byline: Aaron Baca Journal Staff Writer

Intel Corp.'s plant near Albuquerque one of the state's largest industrial water users has plans to reduce its water consumption by more than 200 million gallons a year, according to the company's newest environmental and safety report.

Intel says it developed new processes and technology last year to reclaim water it uses in its computer chipmaking lines that should yield huge water savings at its local plant.

The new technology, which Intel calls Process Reclaim Water, should help Intel steady its water use at present levels of about 4 million gallons a day even after it finishes its $2 billion expansion of its giant Fab 11 production line.

"Each new generation of technology is better than the previous generation using less water, generating fewer air emissions and creating less waste per unit of production," Intel's Environmental, Health and Safety Report 2000 states. …

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