Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

We're All Law Students.(Metro & New Mexico)

Byline: JIM BELSHAW Of the Journal

Somewhere I have a book called "I Always Look Up the Word 'Egregious.' " I think of it at times like this because "egregious" is a lawyer word, and I always have to look up lawyer words.

"Writ of mandamus" is not something that trips lightly from my tongue like "infield fly rule" or "never draw to an inside straight."

But we're all egregious law students these days. At least we're all tangled up in the Supreme Court these days. We talk about the political partisanship of the judiciary and its effect on our perceptions of justice.

Twice now I have listened to the 90 minutes of oral arguments before the Supreme Court and each time I come away with a civilian's sense that we'll find a way out the thicket, though these conclusions don't benefit from arcane Latin phrases I always have to look up. …

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