Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Baby most likely gets enough milk.(Health)

Byline: Your Child's Health DR. LANCE CHILTON For the Journal

Q: Fred III (aka Boomer) will be 4 months old soon. Our struggles are getting more frustrating. Could he be teething? How can I check my milk quantity and quality? His diapers are wet about four to five times a day. Bowel movements are about three a day.

A: Young Boomer sounds as if he is getting plenty of milk, according to the number of diapers you're changing. To really settle the question, the critical piece of missing information here is, "How well is he gaining weight?"

Chances are, the answer, as implied by his nickname, is "very well indeed."

One of the few disadvantages of breast-feeding is that you have little visual assurance that your baby is getting enough. …

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