Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Chess Club Players Make the Right Moves.(Schools)

Byline: Andrea Schoellkopf Journal Staff Writer

* Students in the first-year activity turn into ranked players in the state

It's a fierce game of one-on-one at Lyndon B. Johnson Middle School each Wednesday. Jason Elliott and Kyle Henke, both fifth-graders at nearby elementary schools, sat across a table from each other in a regular battle across the chessboard as other students many of them older honed their skills.

Some of the top student chess players in the state are growing up on the West Side.

During a round of speed chess, two middle-school boys start whispering "stalemate" when Jason and Kyle who have both tasted the flavor of national competitions had played down to three pieces on the board and no end in sight.

"No it isn't," said an irritated Jason. "Shut up!"

He proceeded to tap his head with his finger: "Think."

In speed chess, players hit a timer after they finish their move, forcing the other player to quickly take his turn. …

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