Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Racing Nerves.

Byline: Tim Menicutch Journal Staff Writer

* After a year on the pro circuit, Justin Buckelew learned to replace the jitters with concentration

ANAHEIM, Calif. At first glance, he's still the same Justin Buckelew who left the cozy confines of Edgewood a little over a year ago, moved to the sprawling metroplex of Southern California and embarked on a career in professional motocross racing.

Buckelew, now 19, is the same polite, unimposing young man he was while roaring through the nonprofessional ranks and capturing four national amateur titles in 10 years.

He has the same intensely quiet blue eyes. He talks softly and intelligently. Obviously, success has not spoiled the native New Mexican.

Make no mistake, however Buckelew is different now, as different as the balmy Pacific Coast weather compared to the icy cold of an Edgewood winter. Still, the changes are subtle, almost imperceptible.

Ready or not, meet the new Buckelew.

During a rocky rookie season on the professional circuit, highlighted by a noteworthy but hardly headline-grabbing fifth-place finish in Dallas last summer, Buckelew learned. …

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