Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

XFL Is All About Sex, Violence, Honesty.(Sports)

Byline: Culture Shock LEANNE POTTS Of the Journal

Earnest sorts see the XFL as the latest sign that western civilization is collapsing.

But I say the football league started by World Wrestling Federation ringmaster Vince McMahon might be the most refreshing blast of honesty this country has seen since Jimmy Carter was elected president.

Yep, you read that right. The XFL rules.

With all of its trashy in-your-face candor, the XFL might just save us from the ice age of hypocrisy that began with a War on Drugs and culminated with the president insisting oral sex isn't really sex. The NFL kept up with this zeitgeist of phoniness by attempting to disguise the brutal sport of football as a nicey-nice, clean-cut pastime.

Take this year's Super Bowl blowout (which, incidentally, got some of the lowest TV ratings of any Super Bowl in 25 years.) To fill time between Ravens touchdowns, we were treated to lots of heroic claptrap about how the team "bounced back and gave 110 percent" after murder charges against Baltimore's star linebacker, Ray Lewis, were dropped. …

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