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Byline: Story by Polly Summar * Photographs by Dean Hanson * Of the Journal

Dicho Biscochitos combine favorite N.M. cookie with a bit of homespun wisdom

it seems like such a natural: Take the bizcochito and combine it with another Spanish tradition, the dicho or proverb. What have you got? A New Mexican fortune cookie. But with a Dicho Biscochito, instead of a paper strip that says, "You will win the Miss Universe title but not accept the crown," you will pull out a strip that says:

Lo que paso, volo Let bygones be bygones

"I don't know it just came to me," says Avedona Benavidez, 30, of her creation, the Dicho Biscochito. "I love to bake it's my passion and I grew up with dichos."

Like folk sayings or proverbs, dichos are little bits of wisdom that help you make your way in the world. From "love has no fear" to "you get what you pay for," they were just a part of Benavidez's upbringing along with the warm bizcochitos she nibbled straight from her grandma's oven.

"My grandma likes mine," says Benavidez. "She won't say they're better than hers, but she says she really likes them."

For Benavidez, the business has reaped more than entrepreneuial rewards. …

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