Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Carob can replace chocolate.(Food)

Byline: New Mexico's Own PATRICIA AARON For the Journal

Q: Do you have any tips for cooking with carob? I've heard it can be substituted for chocolate.

A: Carob is a naturally sweet (about half as sweet as sugar), high-protein, low-fat tropical bean. It has the same rich color and consistency of cocoa with a flavor that is reminiscent of chocolate. Carob is ideal for anyone with chocolate or milk allergies. And it costs about one-fifth as much as chocolate.

Carob is available in powder, chips and syrup. Carob powder is milled from raw or roasted beans. The degree of roast is important. If it's too dark, carob loses sugar and becomes bitter. A light-brown roast gives the best flavor and maximum nutritional value. …

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