Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Chubbuck Surfaces on Air.

Byline: Guillermo Contreras Journal Staff Writer

Bank robber gives radio deejay conditions of surrender; late-night pursuit in fugitive case is called off

An escaped bank robber who shot at two FBI agents had more in mind than requesting a song by Pink Floyd, Creed or Metallica when he called an Albuquerque rock station Monday.

Byron Shane Chubbuck, 33, told a disc jockey at KZRR-FM that he would turn himself in if one of the agents admitted publicly that he tried to kill him, and if a Santa Fe jail guard would be arrested for alleged brutality and corruption.

In his phone call Monday, the caller identified himself as "Robin the Hood," and said he "wanted to tell people the truth 'cause these feds and these marshals and these police lie, lie, lie."

The FBI confirmed Tuesday that the phone call and a handwritten letter sent Monday to 94 Rock came from Chubbuck.

"We're fully persuaded that it is Chubbuck and that it is not a hoax," said Doug Beldon, supervisory special agent for the FBI in New Mexico.

"We'll entertain any line of discussion (with Chubbuck), but we're certainly not going to admit things that are not true," Beldon said. "In discussion with the radio station, we've agreed not to apply for a wiretap that would authorize us to intercept conversations between Chubbuck and the radio station."

The caller said he robbed banks to help the Zapatista movement in Mexico and that an FBI agent was trying to kill him in August 1999. …

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