Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Legislature Should Just Say No to Keno.(Editorial Page)


In 1997, the state toyed with the idea of adding keno to the assortment of games offered by its gambling machine, the Lottery Authority. Opponents killed the idea, but it has been resurrected during this legislative session.

Keno was a bad idea in 1997, and it still is for many of the same reasons.

The addition of keno would change the dynamic of the New Mexico Lottery from a passive, ticket-purchase activity to an interactive, highly visible, constantly cycling, bet-and-play video game.

Where gambling activities such as Powerball and scratchers generally are handled one-on-one at convenience store cash registers, Lottery officials admit keno monitors would pop up in places where groups of people are likely to be sedentary, such as bars, social clubs and restaurants. …

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