Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

the fine art of romance.

Byline: GENDER SPECIFIC By Miriam Sagan * Illustration by Susan Vogle

Now that frog's your husband. How to get that prince back.

I've been talking about boys and the men they became for half a lifetime. As a rule, the women I have known have spent an inordinate amount of time turning boyfriends into husbands. My friends and I started out as teen-agers who couldn't discern too easily the difference between bad and good boyfriends. But we soon learned. Bad boyfriends were cute but unreliable; good boyfriends were reliable and, we hoped, cute. We got burned by bad boyfriends, rejected useless ones, then finally settled on Mr. Excellent Boyfriend and married him.

However, "they lived happily ever after" is a phrase found only in fairy tales. …

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