Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Powerful exhibit opens awareness.(Arts & Culture)

Byline: Wesley Pulkka For the Journal


*Colorful collages portray urban America's loss of aesthetics

I confess, I've sometimes slumbered a bit while viewing shows at the University Art Museum. I blame it on the archival lighting and the academic ambience.

The other day with my eyes wide shut I wandered down the museum stairs into the lower level and had the scales blown away by Juan Sanchez's absolutely stunning "Printed Convictions" show. His mixed-media prints are refreshingly powerful and open your third eye like a Hindu mandala or a depiction of the goddess Kali.

The walls vibrate with large, colorful human images blended with graphics, layered photographs, floral prints, patterns, brush strokes, graffiti, advertising slogans and religious iconography.

With snowflakes billowing around campus, the museum became an oasis of warmth, political protest, familial love, anger at oppression and a haven for spiritual revolution. …

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