Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Filmmaker hopes finance idea clicks.(Arts & Culture)

Byline: Anthony DellaFlora Journal Staff Writer

* Internet script contest, ads could give project an economic edge

Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez claims he participated in a medical study to raise money for his cult hit "El Mariachi."

Filmmaker Robert Townsend made his film "Hollywood Shuffle" by seeing just how plastic his credit cards could be.

Countless aspiring auteurs have prevailed upon the kindness, and the bank accounts, of friends and relatives to get their movies made.

But if Internet entrepreneur Eric Wade's idea for movie financing is a hit, then nest eggs everywhere will rest easier and some lucky screenwriter will get his or her film made.

Nickel by nickel, click by click, the Albuquerque businessman/filmmaker plans to ride the wave of Internet surfers to finance his next production.

"It's a unique approach to funding a film," said Mike Miller of Keystone Productions, who, along with New West Productions, is a partner in the operation. …

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