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Candidate questionnaire

In preparation for the Tuesday school board election, candidates for West Las Vegas Schools and Las Vegas City Schools responded to Journal North questionnaires.

Walter G. Adams is running unopposed in district 5 of West Las Vegas Schools.

The following candidates for Las Vegas City Schools did not return the questionnaire: Ramon "Swoops" Montano, District 3: Jody Stege and Jose R. Salazar, District 4; Peter Trujillo, District 5.

Questions for candidates:

1. Can you list three top priorities for improving your district and how the school board could help?

2. What could the school board do to help the district recruit and retain high-quality employees, especially teachers?

3. What is your opinion on charter schools?

4. What could the school board do to help schools with large numbers of children who are not performing well on standardized tests?

5. What is the district's superintendent doing well, and what do you think the superintendent could improve upon?

Wayne Sonchar

School Board District 3, Ballot Position 2

Las Vegas City Schools

AGE: 44

FAMILY: Heather, 10th grade, and Kristen, second grade, public schools.

EDUCATION: B.S., electrical engineering

WORK EXPERIENCE: Self-employed for more than 20 years, currently owner and operator in B.T.U. Block & Concrete Inc. and B.T.U. Building Materials Inc.



1. Teacher quality and retention: We have many great and dedicated teachers. We must keep them, and recruit the highest quality teachers available to fill vacancies. In doing so, the school board must address the issue of teacher pay and morale. We must find ways to provide incentives and encouragement for teachers to seek further professional development. Standards must be in place to assure accountability of students, teachers and administrators. These standards and benchmarks should also be part of the platform from which administration and teacher evaluations are formed, and merit raises determined.

The entire community must be involved in the educational process. It is not the job of the teachers and staff, but also the responsibility of all of us. Our school board must seek innovative ways to include and involve both family and business community in the education of our youth. …

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