Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Word-of-Mouth Poet Publishes Anthology.

Byline: Tom Collins For the Journal

* Rose has spent most of his life fighting the written word

Friends, citizens, potential patrons, lend Rose your ear, because, until last month's release of his anthology, "Poetraits," it was the only way you could become acquainted with his verse.

Like other single-named, double-syllabled poets such as Homer and Tasso (and no, not Jewel), Rose's work was previously available strictly by your ear and the word from his mouth. As the poet, who has committed more work to memory than to paper, recently related over coffee, "All my life I have been fighting against the written word. I'm a real proponent of recited poetry."

Said to perform his poetry "at the drop of a hat," he will actually do so at the appearance of one. …

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