Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Two computer simulations disagree on wetness around New Mexico, but agree the future will definitely be hotter.(Dimension)

Byline: Stories by John Fleck * Graphics by Carol Cooperrider Of the Journal

Ask a researcher how the greenhouse effect will change climate in any particular region of the globe New Mexico, say, or the U.S. Southwest and you're likely to get a shrug.

Crank up any two supercomputer climate simulations, and while they might agree that the planet will warm, the details of where and how that warming will play out are likely to differ.

And even if they did agree, said Mike MacCracken, head of the federal government's Global Change Climate Research Program, it would be hard to get people to take them seriously.

"Most people won't believe you can make a prediction 100 years ahead anyway," he said. …

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