Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Time to create.(New Mexico & The West)

Byline: Story by Fritz Thompson * Photographs by Richard Pipes * Of the Journal

Celebrities among customers for clockmaker's cabinets that have a New Mexico touch

HILLSBORO Everybody knows Hollywood comes to New Mexico because moviemakers like the sunlight and the scenery. But there is a lesser-known reason they like New Mexico, and it's about time.

Specifically, it's because of Gregory Gaylord's clocks.

The stand-up, standout timepiece cabinets of wood and glass populate his cavernous workshop in Hillsboro population "about 175," Gaylord guessed where more than a dozen golden pendulums quietly measure the march of time.

"I sell clocks on time," Gaylord likes to joke.

His timepieces are imbued with a sense of Hillsboro peaceful and pastoral while a number of his customers lend a dash of celebrity.

Jane Fonda bought three of his clocks. …

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