Albuquerque Journal (Albuquerque, NM)

Clinton's Last Hurrah Wasn't Very Pretty.(Editorial Page)


They didn't break clean.

The term of President Bill Clinton came to a close with a final overdose of that which hobbled it over the entire eight years: eyebrow-raising, questionable judgment and trashy behavior.

First, there was the president finally admitting that he lied in the Monica Lewinsky case an admission made only so he wouldn't leave office with an arrest warrant chasing him. And even that admission was couched in legalistic double-talk explaining that he slipped up while trying to avoid the truth legally.

Then, there was the revelation that the Clintons accepted some $190,000 in gifts from friends and acquaintances in their last year in the White House furniture, flatware, art and so on to furnish their lavish new house in New York and their other new house in Washington. …

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